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Living Empires Games

There are several games, some completed some in development, based in the fantasy setting of Living Empires. There are tabletop board and card games along with a live interactive game show experience held every week in Denver, Colorado.

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Roll for your Empire is a weekly live event held at the Denver Game Lounge. It is part bingo, part TicTacToe, part live role-playing and part improv story-telling where the audience gets to play along and help make decisions for the characters. The ongoing story takes place in the Living Empires setting and is considered to be canon, so YOU can help write the reality of this epic fantasy!

Sponsored by the Alnite Alliance.

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7 Sign Circle is a set of cards based on the Signs of the Evorstrom world. Much like our own traditional playing cards, this deck can be utilized to play numerous different games, but the 12 suits all have fluctuating relationships with each other depending upon the state of the Sign relations on the 7-pointed, circular board.