Tabletop Gaming through a Queer Lens

Join Layman Kingsford and friends in our digital adventures through the fabulous lands of tabletop gaming. Modern gaming is undergoing a tremendous renaissance in both quality and mainstream popularity. In an effort to embrace diversity and inclusion, we seek to share our love of games with you and if you happen to see a little of yourself represented in what we do, all the better! Join us as we play games queerly!

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Rolling Dice • Drawing Cards • Moving Meeples

Join us ever Thursday at The Denver Game Lounge for an evening of tabletop gaming, socializing and tasty food and beverages.

Bring your own games to share or play one from the Lounges' broad selection. 

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Sponsored by Alnite Alliance

Join us ever Tuesday at The Denver Game Lounge as we experience the latest chapter in the Living Empires story.


It is an interactive gaming experience and improv performance experience with drag entertainers, cosplayers mixed with LARPing, bingo/TicTacToe and polyhedral dice. YOU get to help make the decisions for the entertainer's characters as they journey through the pages of the story in front of you.

Weekly Gayming with a Noob and a Goob

Every week Layman Kingsford (a veteran gaymer) and Lulu Alnite (a drag queen and newcomer to the tabletop game scene) play board games to entertain you and to filter the game experience through a queer lens providing insight to the games and the hobby from our perspective.

Currently on PAUSE as we focus on our live events.


YouTube channel: GAYming misAdventures

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Drag the Dice Throne

Our first foray into streaming tabletop entertainment was this head-to-head tournament of all the Dice Throne characters.

After 16 matches (we had to play the finale twice as the first one ended in a tie) we have concluded the fun and the fiery PYROMANCER, played by Lulu Alnite, came out as out winner.

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Thinking OUT Loud

Layman Kingsford talks about games - his own creations, ones he's playing or has played. Chat about the publishing, retail and convention industry and more.

Currently on PAUSE as we focus on our live events.

YouTube channel: GAYming misAdventures