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Human Flavor (in development)

clan mystic description
clan mystic description

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clan undead description

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clan mystic description

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Developing a tabletop game from concept to prototype to sellable product is a massive undertaking, even for simple games. I've [Layman Kingsford] had a loose notion rattling around in my noggin' for some time that I'd like to make a game utilizing celestials, infernals and other supernatural beings all mixed together in a fun way.

Something about Flamecraft - by Cardboard Alchemy - really invigorated my brain. It is the right amount of complexity (medium in my book) slathered in some of the most adorable art (thanks to Sandara Tang) and produced beautifully. It is now a game that regularly hits my table. In short, it INSPIRED me.


Inspired me so strongly that I lost sleep for several nights and have been totally distracted from making refinements on Living Starship. I've been using AI art to fill the visuals in as placeholders to foster the dichotomous interplay of cuteness with dark overtones (humans are, after all, being consumed by these supernatural creatures).


In the span of 5 or 6 days (at the time of this writing - Dec 21) I have cobbled together a fully functional alpha version of the game. And if I do's got some good bones to it and I am giddy at the opportunity to get people testing it out.

Human Flavor utilizes action selection, resource management and variable end game scoring goals to fuel its fun. It is for 2-6 players, ages 12+?? and games hopefully last 45-60 minutes (though that will likely vary depending upon player count).

Components include cubes, meeples, resource tokens, game board, player mats, ally and human cards (tarot sized), agenda cards (half standard size) and trait cards (half standard size, though will likely be double-sided tokens in future iterations).

Scoring will often happen at the end of each round according to what agendas each player completes or wants to trigger for points. Final end game scoring is tabulated when one player achieves 50+ points. Points can be earned by the level of control players have at various city locations on the board on top of which humans they feed upon, what resources they have remaining and so forth.

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Currently the layout has players using 6 different city location boards each with a human card and a supernatural ally card on it. When using one of your actions to visit a location you may capture the human for free, feed the ally its cost (upper left corner) or use the location's special ability by discarding any 2 resource tokens.


Each player will take control of a faction (Fey, Ferals, Celestials, Internals, Undead or Mystics). Each board holds a different allotment of resources, can house 3 human captives (along the bottom) and up to 5 supernatural allies.

Each faction mat also has two unique abilities that can be activated (1/round or 1/game)  at no cost of actions or resources.

Supernatural ALLIES

These are the folx you recruit to your clan (maximum of 5) from the city board by convincing them to join your clan. You do so by feeding them 1 matching resource when you acquire them. However, you will need to continue feeding them every round to keep them loyal.

Each ally has a special ability that you can trigger as an action on your turn by discarding the number of matching tokens.  Each ally in your clan provides you with an additional action to take on your turn.


The food upon which the supernaturals feast (in one way or another) are represented by the Human cards. Each human is acquired fro free by visiting the city location where they reside. They each provide 3 resources to your clan mat when snacking upon them (one of your action options on your turn).

Each human also has a network token attached to it. When the human is fully devoured (removed from the game) you add a stacker to a matching location in the city location.


Network tokens are randomly added to each human in the city. When you fully devour them (after capturing them) you gain influence over a matching city location thus increasing your dominance in politics, commerce, culture or crime.


One of the central scoring mechanisms of the game are the agenda cards. At the end of a round each player may choose to activate the NOW scoring effect and immediately claim points (then discard the card) or hold onto it until the game concludes and use the END scoring benefit.

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