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Living Empires is a fantasy setting that lays the foundation for the entire Living Saga experience.

It takes place on the planet Evorstrom where two distinct species of people have evolved into a world-wide civilization. There are goblins, trolls and ogres who evolved from gazelle-like animals and there are humans, dwarves and elves who have primate origins.

What sets societies and cultures apart from each other in this world is not species or gender, but SIGN. Every living thing - plants, animals and people - are marked with one of these Signs that are believed to anointed by deities.

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The relationships between Signs and their cultures are complex. A Flame-Sign goblin has far more in common with a Flame-Sign elf than they do with a goblin of a different Sign. In fact, a Flame-Signed person and a Wind-Signed person might feel actual aversion toward each other on a genetic level.

There is an unknown genetic component to each Sign in that eating food derived from plants and animals of one's own Sign provides full nutrition. However, the further away on the circle of Sign relationships one's food comes from, the less nutritional benefit a person receives. Opposite-Signed food can cause allergic reactions and can even be poisonous.

The other most notable aspect of the world of Evorstrom is that once a generation or so, a person is born marked with TWO Signs! These remarkable individuals, called Saints, are revered by the populace, manipulated by the churches and exploited by governments.

Each Sign has its own distinct forms of magic and Saints tend to wield god-like levels of power. If the two Signs of a Saint are too different it is not uncommon for that Saint to go mad and unleash continent-leveling devastation. Saints with closely-related Signs have been known to make great scientific or academic discoveries or engender lasting peace between conflicting peoples.

With all society, culture, magic, technology and religion based exclusively on Sign, imagine what happens to people's most fundamental beliefs when more than one Saint appears in the world and new Signs emerge challenging the very foundation of everything that is held to be sacrosanct and true!

Further details coming soon...

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