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Inspired by pop culture space operas like Star Trek®, Farscape®, Battlestar Galactica®, Robotech®, Expanse® and Firefly® - Cheeky Dingo Games and Layman Kingsford bring you a tabletop game experience unlike any other.  Living Starship engenders the experience of crewing a starship and undertaking missions that will fundamentally effect the plot of an ongoing galactic saga shared with other subscribers, not just your group.


In a galaxy where every culture depends upon the Citadel Parliament to maintain the flow of genome-specific food sources, life has been relatively unruffled for centuries. Now, from unknown interstellar origin comes the galaxy’s first contact with alien life, and it is hostile. One solar system has been all but eradicated and attempts to communicate with the invaders have proven fruitless.


With the Citadel Fleet allocating much of its resources to the war front, you have decided to enlist and do your part to help and, of course, earn your citizenship.


In the Living Starship Space Opera subscription game, you will start your Fleet career by attending the Academy where you will learn the basics of how to play this ongoing, shared-universe experience. The rules and components will be gradually introduced to you over the course of 7 semesters (games) at the end of which you will have taken your customized character from Cadet to Private and will be ready to embark on your first assignment aboard a Fleet starship.


After graduating the Academy, your next game box will contain all the ingredients to build out your own starship and customize your fellow crew. Instead, if you are eager to get started, you will have the option to jump right into your shakedown missions by using the standard ship rigging and personnel allotment. The new element of worker-placement mechanics will be easily intertwined with the existing roll & write and card-building elements you are comfortable with from your Academy days.

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