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Ships range in size from patrol vessels (which are essentially glorified shuttle craft) to monolithic capitol ships. Patrol boats are utilized as short range ships to deliver crew to quick and varying missions around a single star system. Capital ships are traveling bases that serve entire sectors as mobile fleet headquarters.


Each ship is outfitted according with a “rigging” that delineates its primary function within the Fleet and how it services the denizens of the galaxy. For example, a Hospital ship it going to have more of its crew dedicated to health and social sciences whereas a battleship will be heavily armed and be operated predominantly by Tactical and Flight crew. A sedan rigging is the most common outfitting. Sedans work as “jack-of-all-trades” vessels that are equipped to equally meet most any need.

Fleet nomenclature is standardized to two word names that are alliterative (e.g. Noisy Noon, Furious Fallout, Outright Overture). It is illegal for non-Fleet ships to follow the same naming scheme.


In the game, once you complete their time at the Academy, the first chapter of your game will issue you a Corvette Sedan and its standard crew allotment . You will have the option to start right into the story or you can take some time to customize your ship with a specific rigging and to hand-select its crew.

Every ship, station and outpost has a unique insignia. Fleet uniforms display this insignia on glove and boot bars (this is the default appearance of the bars unless one is being used to process data).