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Cooperative  •  Custom Dice Rolling  •  Roll & Write  •  Legacy
Card Customization  •  Hand Management  •  Polyomino
Worker Placement  •  Narrative Story

Living Starship is a massive endeavor that has been in the works (in uncountable variations at this point) for over 10 years. It is currently (as of the start of 2021) a work in progress but is settling rather quickly into its final shape.

The core idea has always been to create a cooperative game that evokes crewing a large starship, not just pulling the strings of a few central characters, but a big 'ol vessel chalk-full of myriad people all of whom contribute to the operation of the vessel and the progression of an epic narrative story.

The game, at some point, has been designed with most any mechanic you might imagine -- super heavy euro resource management, engine building, worker placement, dice rolling (with various custom dice, standard polyhedral dice, only d6s, only d12s), deck-building and more that we've forgotten about. But common to every iteration has been the thread that we wanted to elicit the feeling of running a big ship.

What the game has now settled into is something palatable for players new to hobby gaming while combining several popular game mechanics. The introductory games where you will be crafting one or more individual characters at the Fleet Academy utilizes roll & write methodology with customized polyhedral dice. You will also become familiarized with polyominos along with customizing your characters' deck of action and ability cards.

By the time your characters graduate the academy and get assigned to a ship you will be indelibly familiar with those base mechanics and will then be introduced to classic worker placement rules as you take on responsibility for operating ALL the crew of a small ship, of which your customized characters are focal points. The ship itself will be operated rather like a macro character with its own dice and cards that are triggered by your individual character and crew decks and dice.

Custom dice pic 1.jpg


At its heart, Living Starship is a roll & write game. The simplicity and elegance along with its easy-to-grasp-ness make this mechanic a solid fit since we want the game to be palatable to  tabletop game enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Because of the broad color palette already in use with iconography, we needed the different dice to be distinguishable by something other than color. SHAPE was the answer, but traditional polyhedral dice numerology create too much of a mathematical variance in results (between a 4-sided die and 12-sided die) to be well balanced.

Dice Sides: d4 [0,1,1,2]  •  d6 [0,1,1,2, 2, 3]  •. d8 [0,1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4]

                      d12 [0,1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5]

character boxes 1.jpg


Each player will be provided with a box in which to hold their BASIC EFFORT dice (black), their deck of ATTRIBUTE and TRAINING cards.

The box will also have card insert slots to display your character's picture, background information, dice status and uniform tech abilities.

The inside inserts will be marked up (with wet or dry erase marker) during the course of your games as the status of your dice fluctuate and you utilize the effects provided by the technology built into your character's uniform.

Your uniform will be upgradable with advancement stickers as your character progresses in rank and experience.

character cards 1.jpg


Each character will begin the game as a cadet in the Fleet Academy. Your starting 9 cards represent your innate and acquired attributes:

Strength (STR), Endurance (END), Agility (AGL)

Reasoning (REA), Willpower (WLP), Awareness (AWR)


Presence (PRE), Genome (GEN), Enlisted Rank (ERK)

Your very first game will introduce you to using your dice, applying their rolled results to the classes that your characters are attending and using your Attribute cards to manipulate your dice results as needed.


With each completed class you will earn a TRAINING card in one of the 7 Divisions of service (Agency, Engineering, Flight, HealthOperationsScience, Tactical). Each training card will provide you with an additional die to roll when you are using its related skills.

Every card is upgradable over time with advancement stickers. Your deck of cards will reflect who your character is and what they are capable of doing, though any character can attempt any action, even if they don't have a card specifically for it. You can always discard any 2 cards from your deck to activate an ability or to gain a d4 of a specific Division.