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Co-operative  •  Custom Dice Rolling  •  Narrative Campaign
Polyomino  •  Worker Placement  •  Evolve your ship and crew

Living Starship is a massive endeavor that has been in the works (in uncountable variations at this point) for over 12 years. It is currently a work in progress but is settling rather quickly into its final shape along side the debut novel set in the same universe.

The core idea has always been to create a cooperative game that evokes crewing a large starship, not just pulling the strings of a few central characters, but a big 'ol vessel chalk-full of myriad people all of whom contribute to the operation of the vessel and the progression of an epic narrative story.

The game, at some point, has been designed with most any mechanic you might imagine -- super heavy euro resource management, engine building, worker placement, dice rolling (with various custom dice, standard polyhedral dice, only d6s, only d12s), deck-building and more that we've forgotten about. But common to every iteration has been the thread that we wanted to elicit the feeling of running a big ship.

What the game has now settled into is something palatable for players new to hobby gaming while combining several popular game mechanisms that are, hopefully, more or less intuitive to pick up. Players will combine polyomino placement and dice rolling to solve unique puzzles that progress the story along on a course your choices will actually influence.

The ship itself will be operated rather like a macro character with its own dice and cards that are triggered by your individual character and crew decks and asymmetric central characters.Be cautious for your central characters may not all survive the missions you are sent on. When death occurs, you will have to shift your point of view to a new character and help them achieve individual goals while contributing to the greater good.

Custom dice pic 1.jpg


One thing we love is DICE! And specifically, polyhedral dice.

Because of the broad color palette already in use with iconography, we needed the dice to be distinguishable by something other than COLOR.


SHAPE was the answer, but traditional polyhedral dice numerology creates too much of a mathematical variance in results  to be well balanced.So we retain the traditional shapes of dice but have customized the number range on each one.

Dice Sides: d4 [0,1,1,2]  •  d6 [0,1,1,2, 2, 3]  •. d8 [0,1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4]

  •  d12 [0,1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5]

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Each player will select a POV (point of view) character which will be represented by a unique player board.

Each board has spaces to track stress and injury along with the use of their wearable technology - their uniform.

As your character progresses through the story and is afforded opportunities to get promoted, so too do their skill and the access to game-manipulating uniform abilities.

Each player will also have Action Cards which allow them to affect various elements of the game from dice rolling, cube acquisition and polyomino placement. Action cards might also be usable (via discarding them) to trigger other game effects.

Noisy Noon BOARD v3.jpg


The center of your Living Starship game experience is the ship on which you and the rest of the crew serve. There are grids for storing the polyomino tiles you generate, slots to hold the polyhedral dice you acquire and empty rooms to construct new duty stations to better customize your abilities to work the missions.

Keeping ship EFFICIENCY high will allow your worker placement meeples (crew) to generate more cubes that then are used to buy cards, dice and polyominos. Maintaining high MORALE will allow each player to draw more meeples from the crew bag every turn. Obviously, keeping your hull intact will keep the entire crew alive and thriving.